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26 December 2010 @ 03:36 am
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. :)
22 December 2010 @ 09:04 pm
I went to go see Epica on Nov. 30. It was awesome! Not only did the show rock, I caught a towel thrown from onstage, and I got to meet Mark Jansen and Simone Simons! I was standing in line after the show to buy one of their cds from the merch stand when I heard some people talking about "What'd you think of the show?" etc. I turned around and holy crap, it's Mark Jansen! I said hi, shook his hand, and got him to sign my towel when my friends came out of the bathroom and started talking with him. He was super cool, just chatting with us, hehe. We got our pictures taken with him.

Then one of my friends was wondering if Simone was going to come out. Mark let us follow him to the backstage area to wait for her, hehe. And after a short while, we hear some humming coming up the stairs. Guess who it is? :) So we get our pictures taken with her and chat with them both some more. They both signed my cd booklet for me. Super cool. And totally unexpected!

Here is their approximate setlist:

Resign to Surrender
Cry for the Moon
Martyr of the Free Word
The Obsessive Devotion
Fools of Damnation
Kingdom of Heaven
The Imperial March
Tides of Time
Sancta Terra
The Last Crusade
The Phantom Agony

And photos behind the cut!

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Also went to go see Blind Guardian on Dec. 12. Was going to go with a friend but he couldn't go, so I ended up going by myself. Still had fun though. The crowd was awesome, which led to some praise and extra encores from the band. :) We even got them to play And Then There was Silence due to chants of "Si-lence! Si-lence!" even though, as Hansi said, they hadn't practiced it. ;)

Here's their approximate setlist:

Sacred Worlds
Born in a Mourning Hall
Welcome to Dying
Time What is Time
Lord of the Rings
Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
Tanelorn (Into the Void)
The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
Mirror Mirror

Wheel of Time
And Then There was Silence
Imaginations from the Other Side

And more photos, though these didn't come out too well...

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I also enjoyed the first opening band for BG, Seven Kingdoms. Female-fronted power metal! I bought one of their cds afterwards and all the band signed it for me. Pretty cool. It got me re-interested in starting up my own band sometime. I wouldn't mind opening for Blind Guardian or any of my favorite bands. :)
30 November 2010 @ 01:56 am
Had a callback today. I think it went pretty well. Not sure if they had callbacks on another day too, but there were only four other people there, two girls and two guys. And I knew all but one of them. ;) It's kind of funny, I knew one from the acting studio I go to, one from Metro, and one helped out on the student film I just shot; he was throwing books at me. *snicker* But it feels good to have made the callback list if there were really so few that it got narrowed down to. :)
22 November 2010 @ 11:48 pm
Last weekend I spent four days shooting a student film. It's a psychological thriller/horror film called Animus, and I play the lead, a librarian who starts experiencing weird things around the library stemming from a repressed memory. It was a long shoot, and somewhat harrowing at times, but it was still fun. I'm excited to see it; I think it'll turn out great and I can get some good footage.

I got complimented by the director and other members of the crew on being so easy to work with. I feel like I did really step up and take a leadership role, keeping on top of things and doing what needed to be done rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to tell me what to do like I've done in the past. So I feel good about being able to take initiative like that to be one of those actors that directors love working with because they make things easy.

I've also had a bunch of auditions and callbacks recently. I'm becoming a busy actor all of a sudden! I booked a part in a pilot that the producers are hoping to pitch to networks that's shooting locally. And I also booked a gig as part of a sketch comedy group. I have another callback coming up, and there's a role in a paid feature I'd really like to get, but I probably won't hear back from them until January.

Also got some new headshots taken. I got most of the files already and he'll have to send me the rest. But I'll have to go through all of those and pick the ones I like. I'll post them once I do.

In other news, it looks like I will have to take classes through next fall, because two classes I wanted to take in the spring were offered during the same time, so I'll only be taking three classes this spring. (This is where Hermione's time-turner would be useful!) Kind of bummed about that, cause I was hoping to finish by this summer, but I'm not even sure if the classes I still need will be offered in summer, so I might've had to go another semester anyway. Let's just hope I can get at least one writing course out of the way in the summer, else I might have to cram them all in in the fall, which would not be good. Ah, the trials of coming down to the wire with the classes I need to graduate.
31 October 2010 @ 11:23 pm
Happy Halloween! I dressed up as Death from The High Cost of Living.

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10 October 2010 @ 10:30 pm
"It gets better." I've noticed this message and other messages of hope and support put out in the wake of the suicides of several gay teens. It's made me reflect back on my own personal struggles and how much has changed since then. Whether you're gay or not, bullied or not, we all can experience dark times in our lives. It can feel terrible and inescapable, but you can break free. It gets better.

Looking back through one of my old journals, I found an entry dated 6-7-02, in the midst of my depression, in which I had a revelation that I was going to die by suicide. Thought about posting the whole thing, but it is rather personal. Here is an excerpt:

"I don't want to hurt anyone... I just don't know what to do. I've wasted so much already. I can't see myself going anywhere in the future. I have so many dreams that can't come true. So many impossible fantasies that I've wasted time hoping for..."

Eight years later I am achieving the dreams I could once only wish for. I am in movies. I have an imdb page. I have my Associate's degree and I'm two semesters away from getting my Bachelor's. I see a future. I see freedom and open doors. I feel so much more self-confident. I am doing things I simply could not have done back then.

It is hard to believe that I could go from where I was before, feeling so utterly dark and hopeless, to where I am now. I have made an amazing transformation socially, mentally. And most importantly, I am still here to experience this change, to see my dreams fulfilled. No matter how dark it may seem, it is possible to break free. It gets better. <3
06 October 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

I'm a sci-fi/fantasy nerd with mental illness, an actress, a writer, a Theatre/English major who likes drawing, philosophy, and metal music, and has an obsession with Lost.

Hey, that's pretty good...
30 September 2010 @ 01:02 am
What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

What happens after we die?

Though it would suck if the answer were, "Nothing! You just die! Mwahaha!" (Yes, I imagine there would be maniacal laughing.)
10 September 2010 @ 11:52 pm
Seriously, Celtic legends are hilarious! Cuchulainn: inventor of the "Hey, look over there!" trick.

And then there's:

Bricriu: "Come to my party or else!"
Conor: "Or else what?"
Bricriu: "I will set warrior against warrior until they kill each other."
Conor: "We will not be blackmailed by you!"
Bricriu: "I will set father against son, mother against daughter, wife against wife til their very mother's milk turns sour!"
Conor: "Oh, in that case we'd better go then."


"Finally she sent a messenger to Cuchulainn's quarters to ask him to join her. He was playing chess with Laeg when the messenger arrived with Medb's request that he should come to the royal quarters. Cuchulainn's reply was to brain the messenger with a chess piece."

I so totally want to do a spoof of this episode. :)
08 September 2010 @ 01:09 am
So, what have I been up to? Back in school. I have a ton of reading to do, but at least it involves books about Celtic myths and legends and King Arthur. :) Taking British Lit: 1785 to the Present, and Arthur and Legends of the British Isles as well as Creative Writing Workshop: Drama and Intro to Film. Will have a number of essays to write, but they're somewhat staggered at least, and will have to write a monologue, 10-minute, and one act play. Also watching and blogging about a film each week, huzzah! Hopefully I don't get too bogged down by the workload. I don't know, it always seems to work out somehow. ;)

I've mostly been playing Geas in my free time. Have mostly given over playing Desiderea to playing Eluriel, my elf. Desi finally earned her first promotion in the Scribes, but at this rate it'll take her forever to make Master Scribe. She's kinda just my fun char to rp with, since I'm not too concerned about working on her skills, whereas I've been working steadily to turn Eluriel into a decent fighter/sneaky person. It's been fun playing Eluriel since she has a grudge and her own supersecret! agenda. Have managed to earn the Crusaders' suspicion by hanging out with a darkelf though. *inno* Ran for judge too, but narrowly lost. Oh well, back to hunting orcs and goblins and bugbears and ogres, I suppose.

We actually shot some of my scenes for The Highwayman. It's been two years since we shot the promo, but they're slowly working on getting it done. Went up to Boetcher mansion for the tavern scenes (including a bar fight!). And I got to ride a horse. It's not nearly as easy or glamorous as Hollywood makes it seem. ;) Had to shoot the shot of Will hoisting me onto the horse's back and us riding off together over and over and over and I still don't think it came out right, so we may have to reshoot it. But glad to get some scenes done at least. Still a ways to go yet.

I had wanted to shoot a scene from The Sandman Vol. 1 to use for my reel, and because I think it would be awesome to play Death. :) So, I wrote to DC Comics about it, but they said no, unfortunately. They were nice about it though and wished me luck in my future creative endeavors. I kind of wonder if I shouldn't have bothered with asking permission though and just shot it... There's tons of fan films and other things online that use copyrighted characters. But, oh well. Instead, I've decided to write my own scene in which I'd play a personification of Death. Not the same character, but somewhat similar. We'll see how that goes.

My sister bought a condo and moved into there along with my younger brother who's renting from her. So it's just me, my parents, and the puppies in the house now. Feels a bit strange being the last one to move out, but I'll have to wait til I finish school and find a bit more profitable job to save up money. My older brother quit his stagnating job at the car dealership to be a salesman for a roof repair company. He's been working out in Ohio, but I believe he has plans to come back at some point. Right now he's here for a few days on vacation.

La, I guess that's it. Hopefully I will post a bit more often and not disappear into the abyss again.