Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

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Today I had bad luck with Celidie. :(

First, I put her oaken cudgel in the wrong sheath and ended up saccing it. Then, after Nash gave me a platinum club to replace it, I ended up saccing that by doing 'drop p', 'sac p' instead of spelling out the word. And then, when we went to get a new oaken cudgel, I got heat metaled and dropped my clan blazon. *sniff* And Celidie was one of the last characters that still wore a clan blazon, since they changed them all to other wear slots awhile back. I was trying desperately not to die so I wouldn't lose it. *snicker* But.. she's not in Riverdale anymore anyway, so I guess it's okay... Though now I need to wear some other eq to raise my str...

Whee, the joys of mudding... But I did get a chance to rp with her today. So at least that was fun.
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