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Things to do:

- Write novel (I actually looked at it... How in the world am I going to have this chapter make sense?)
- Build area (One more room desc and the shops are done! Then I just need to write descs for the library, festival grounds, and the surrounding woods and creek. And then the rest of the mobs and objs, and someone must help me with progs...)
- Stop playing FR so much (Hm.. not very likely to happen soon...)
- Look into modeling agencies (I have a website somewhere...)
- Finish coloring Dionae pic (Working on it)
- Finish coloring Mordred pic (Oh right, I forgot about him...)
- Work on dragon pic for DeeDee (Still developing in my mind...)
- Work on various other pic ideas ("Mourn", "Dominion and Dionae", "Maglor", etc.)
- Set up things for demon-summoning quest (Mob desc and basic gameplan, then getting my necros together)
- Get driver's license (Yes, I still need to.. but I never go anywhere...)
- Anything else I've forgotten

I suppose more of these should have to do with real life, but I'm kind of lacking in that area at the moment... I really should write more though. It's hard to call myself a writer when I don't write. Or the things I do write have no real possibility of being published. I like my novel idea, I just can't figure out how to set the foundation down. And I always occupy myself with other things. Celidie/Azaeruil/Aleksey is a great story though... I'd make a novel out of that if only it didn't involve other people's characters and creations. But, it gives spirit to my life at least...
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