Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Courtesy of myself and my little brother...

The Twelve Days of Middle-Earth

On my 12th day in Middle-Earth, Gandalf gave to me...
12 rohirrim riding
11 arrows flying
10 thousand orcs
9 nazgul screeching
8 ents a'marching
7 dwarves a'mining
6 fish for Smeagol
5 pretty elves!
4 little hobbits
3 Faramir looks (inside joke)
2 kings of men
And the 1 ring to rule them all!

We just watched The Two Towers, and we're going to go see Return of the King tonight. *beam* This is the earliest (in relation to the release date) that I've ever seen any of the LotR movies.. in fact, perhaps the earliest I've seen any movie... It should be fun. :)
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