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02 February 2004 @ 02:32 am
I’ve been listening to Frameshift - Unweaving the Rainbow, featuring progress and James LaBrie from Dream Theater. My favorite songs so far are: La Mer, Arms Races, Message from the Mountain, Spiders, Origins and Miracles, and The Gene Machine.

On a related note...

Prog Metal Fan
You are a Prog Metal Fan. Progressive metal,
innovative stuff that transcends the boundaries
of standard heavy metal, is what it's all about
for you. The more intricate and difficult to
play, the better, and generic, simplistic stuff
just turns your stomach. You have a chance to
hear even more innovations and stunning musical
ability at shows. Your elitist attitudes rub
soe people the wrong way - they call you
pretentious, a snob, a wanker. But you know
they're just jealous because they don't
understand it.

What Kind of Metalhead Are You?
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Current Music: Frameshift - The Gene Machine
CriScOcrisco747 on February 2nd, 2004 03:37 am (UTC)
Power Metal Warrior
You are a Power Metal Warrior. HAIL,
BROTHER. Metal isn't just music to you, it's a
religion to be followed obsessively - and the
temple at which you worship is that of Power
Metal. Power chords, orchestral brilliance,
epic calls to battle - that's what gets your
blood pumping. Power metal is an escape from
the bullshit of daily life, and at a concert,
you can enter that fantasy as you relive the
adventures of your power metal heroes. You're
into other stuff too, but sometimes you just
don't get what people see in endless waves of
monotonous brutality. Some call you a nerd, but
you're more than willing to make them regret
it. Just make sure you have your broadsword and
plate armor...

What Kind of Metalhead Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh yeah! You know it! Now there's a quiz that makes sense to me!