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My mind has been running all day. I feel all issue-y...

I thought of an argument for gay marriage. There’s a Mormon belief that people who have sinned in the past are born into this world with dark skin. (No, that’s not the exact wording, but something along those lines. Keep in mind the time period in which the book of Mormon was written. Slavery was a common thing, and most people believed blacks to be inferior. Also, keep in mind the time period in which the Bible was written. Alot of things would seem ridiculous today.) *gasp* That means that black people are sinners.. just like gays. We should pass a constitutional ammendment to ban them from getting married, because they’ve gone against God’s will. Imagine the controversy that would bring up...

I don’t see what’s wrong with gay marriage. What are people trying to “protect”? It’s not as if they are hurting anyone, they are merely wishing to be seen as equals. If you fall in love with someone, who is to tell you that you can’t get married? Who is to tell you it’s wrong?

Deny my love
But you can’t change me
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