Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

name = Marianne
piercings = None
tattoos = None
height= 5'6"
shoe size = 8.5
siblings = 3

movie you watched = First Knight
movie you bought = Um.. Matrix Revolutions?
song you listened to = Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
cd you bought = Hm.. not sure
cd you listened to = Dream Theater - Images and Words
person you've called = No idea
person that's called you = Joe
tv show you watched= Hockey

you have a crush on someone = Not really
you wish you could live somewhere else = Sometimes
you believe in online dating = *shrug*
others find you attractive = I would say yes
you want more piercings = Maybe
you like roller coasters = Sure
you write in cursive or print = Print usually

long distance relationships = *shrug*
people = Bleh..
smoking = *shrug*
gay/lesbian relationships = Why not

ever cried over a boy = Yes
ever cried over a girl = I don't think so, besides myself
ever lied to someone = Yes
ever been in a fist fight = No

shampoo do you use = Herbal Essences
shoes do you wear = Um.. black boots
are you scared of = Tight spaces, and strangers, and clowns, and huge ugly bugs

of times you've have been in love? 3 that I would count
of times I have had my heart broken? = A couple times
of hearts I have broken? = One...
of times my name has appeared in the paper? = I wouldn't think many
things in my past that I regret? = A few

pretty = Yes
funny = Sometimes
hot = Um.. more cute than hot
friendly = Not usually
amusing = Sometimes
ugly = No
loveable = Possibly
caring = Sometimes
sweet = Sure
dorky = No

4 letter word: Mien, hehe
Actor/actress: Liev Schrieber, and Viggo Mortensen, and some others
Cartoon: Space Ghost
Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Chewing gum: Don't really chew gum
Color(s): Green
Color nail polish: Black
day of the week: Wednesday?
Least fave day: Monday
Flower: I don't know..
Jelly flavour: Raspberry
Jewelry: A tiny silver celtic cross necklace that I never wear
Summer/Winter: Spring

[Person who last.. ]
Slept in your bed: Me *snicker*
Saw you cry: My mom probably
Made you cry: Me
Yelled at you: Not sure
Sent you an email: Amgien

[Have you ever.. ]
Said "I love you" and meant it?: I think so
Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
Cried during a movie: Almost
Planned your week based on the TV: Nope
been backstage: Only at high school performances *snicker*
Been to New York: Yes
Been to California: Yes
Hawaii: No
China: No
Canada: No
Europe: No
Asia: No
South America: No
Africa: No
What time is it now?: 3:52am, but my clock is fast

[This or That? ]
Apples or bananas?: Apples
Blue or red?: Blue
Walmart or target?: Wal-mart, they have delicious muffins...
Spring or Autumn?: Spring
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: Sleep probably
Was the last meal you ate?: Taquitos and salsa
Are you bored?: Kinda
Last noise you heard? It sounds like it's raining.. or snowing
Last smell you sniffed?: It.. doesn't really smell like much in here

[Friendship/Love ]
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Maybe
Do you want children one day & if so, how many? Not really
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Trust

[Other Info ]
Do you speak any other languages?: A little French
Last book you read?: Was reading a little in Timeline
Something in your bedroom you like?: Autographed Martin Skoula picture...

Nickname(s): Char names mostly
Initials: MCP
How old do you look? Not sure..
How old do you act?: Most people have guessed I'm older from how I act
Glasses/Contacts: Contacts
Braces: Used to have them
Do you have any pets?: My dog Winni
You get embarrassed:? Yes
What makes you happy?: Different things
What upsets you?: Stupid people

[Finish the sentence: ]
I Love to... pretend
I Miss... you
I'm Annoyed by.. stupid people
I Want to be... free
I Would Never... hurt you
I Am Tired of... this thing they claim is life
I Will Always... remember
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