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30 April 2004 @ 09:23 pm
** basics **
Name:: Marianne
Nickname:: Char names mostly
Location:: Littleton, Colorado
Gender:: Female
Birthplace:: Dayton, Ohio
Birthstone:: Ruby
Birthday:: 7-17-84
Sign:: Cancer
Righty or Lefty:: Righty
Screenname:: Resplendent Posy
** your looks **
Height:: 5'6"
Weight:: 115 lbs
Shoe size:: 8.5
Hair Color:: Dark brown
Hair Length:: Long, I think I might let it grow longer
Eye Color:: Moss green
Size:: 6
Glasses:: Contacts
Braces:: Used to have them
Piercings:: None
Tattoos:: None
** fashion **
Where do you shop:: The mall, or Mervyn's, or Kohl's
What do you usually wear:: Clothing
What kind of shoes do you wear:: Black boots
Do you wear a watch:: No
Color you never wear:: Yellow, ick
Color you wear at least once a week:: Black
Something you wear everyday:: Well, clothes, yes..
Do you wear make up everyday:: Usually
Make up essential:: Coverup
Most cherished piece of clothing:: Hm.. a few things
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing:: Clothes from the 80's.. run!
Do you wear belts:: Yes, my pants don't fit *pout*
Do you wear hats:: No
How many pairs of shoes do you have:: At least 3.. I think a few more
** music **
Favorite kind of music:: Metal
Least Favorite:: Rap
How many CD's do you have:: Personally? About.. 30
Last CD you bought:: Not sure
Whats in your CD player right now:: Dream Theater - Images and Words
Do you download music:: No
** Favorites **
Color:: Green
Number:: 243
Season:: Spring
Ice cream:: Rainbow sherbert, or cookie dough, or mint chocolate chip
Website:: I tend to spend the most time at livejournal
Quote:: I have alot of favorites
Store:: Hot Topic
Band:: Metallica
Singer:: Maynard
Rapper:: Bleh..
Group:: What's the difference between group and band?
Song:: Metallica - Turn the Page and Dream Theater - Hell's Kitchen
Movie:: The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Actor:: Liev Schrieber and Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp, and I'm probably forgetting more
Actress:: Liv Tyler, and Summer Glau since she's my look-alike
Kind of movies:: Fantasy, adventure, action
Place to be:: Here
Time of day:: Night
Clothing Brand:: Don't really care
Animal:: Ocelot
Food:: Italian
Holiday:: Um.. Christmas or Halloween
Shape:: Sphere
Restaraunt:: Not sure
Fast food place:: Carl's Jr.
Boy's name:: Aleksey
Girl's name:: Angelique
Word:: I can't think of one right off..
Month:: April
Candy:: Three Musketeers
** love and relationships **
Boyfriend or Girlfriend:: Nope
Crush:: Not really
Do you believe in love at first sight:: Maybe
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: Intelligence, and maturity, and creativity, and darkness...
Best physical feature:: *shrug*
Best hair color:: Black
Best eye color:: Blue
** randoms **
Do you paint your nails:: Nope
What color is your tooth brush:: Green
What's on your desktop:: Avs background
Do you like roller coasters:: Sure
Do you do drugs:: Nope
Are you a virgin:: Yes
Do you have any pets:: My dog Winni
What time do you go to sleep:: 4am.. must get to bed earlier...
—[four words that sum you up]: Quiet, creative, depressed, curious
—[hairbrush]: Um.. it looks like a hairbrush
—[jewelry worn daily]: I usually wear one bracelet or another
—[pillow cover]: Black, I need to change my sheets...
—[wallet]: My very tiny purse
—[coffee cup]: Woodfield Suites cup, hehe
—[shoes]: Black boots
—[cologne/perfume]: Usually just wear bath and body works spray.. water lily ivy I think, but I sometimes wear April Fields
—[clothing you have on]: Jeans, grey tank top, grey hooded sweater
—[ready to move on]: Um.. yes?
—[wishing]: To be happy and have a life I enjoy that works
—[after this]: Playing FR of course
—[talking to]: No one
—[eating]: Pizza, hehe
—[fetishes]: No comment!
—[some favorite movies]: Didn't I already tell you?
—[something you're looking forward to]: The Avs winning!
—[last thing you ate]: Pizza, I'm still eating
—[something you're afraid of]: Let's see.. tight spaces, strangers, clowns, and big huge ugly bugs
—[if you could have any animal as a pet what would it be]: Ocelot :)
—[cities you don't mind moving to]: Maybe some place in California or Europe or New Zealand
—[some favorite foods]: Italian, I already said that
—[something -or someone- you wish you could understand better]: Me
—[miss someone you haven't seen in a long time]: Most people I know I haven't actually seen
—[ready to move on]: No.. wait, yes
—DO YOU..—
—[like candles]: Yes
—[like company]: Only sometimes
—[believe in soulmates]: Sure
—[believe in love at first sight]: Maybe
—[believe in forgiveness]: Of course
—[want to get married]: Some day
—[want to have kids]: Not really
—[adopt kids]: Possibly
—[ready to move on]: Yes
—[cried]: No
—[bought something]: No
—[gotten sick]: My stomach hurt a little last night
—[sang]: Yes
—[eaten]: Yes
—[been kissed]: No
—[felt stupid]: I don't think so
—[wanted to tell someone you love them, but you didn't]: No
—[met someone new]: No
—[moved on]: From what?
—[talked to an ex]: No
—[talked to someone you have a crush on]: Don't really have one..
—[had a serious talk]: Um.. not really
—[missed someone]: Kind of
—[hugged someone]: No
—[argued with a parent(s)]: No
—[dreamt about someone you can't be with]: Not really
—[ready to move on]: Yes
—[best girl friend(s)]: Vickie and Astaroth
—[best guy friend(s)]: Joe, Chapel, Ricky, um..
—[boyfriend/girlfriend]: Nope
—[hobbies]: Mudding, writing, drawing, watching hockey
—[pager/cell]: Don't have one
—[are the you the center of attention or a wallflower..be honest]: Wallflower
—[car you drive]: Don't drive one, I should get one sometime..
—[would you rather be with friends or on a date]: Depends
—[job]: Don't have one, I suppose I should think about that too
—[attend church]: No
—[like being around people]: Not really
—[ready to move on]: Oh, stop asking this
—[who is your role model]: People like me who can still achieve things in life
—[ever liked someone you can't be with]: Yes
—[ever lied to your best friend]: Hm.. not sure, nothing major
—[ever wanted to get revenge on someone cause they hurt you]: Just in pk, hehe
—[cried over the opposite sex]: Yes
—[have a: You didn't finish this question, did you?
—[rather have a relationship or a: See above
—[your favorite physical appearence on you]: Face
—[are you happy with yourself]: Sometimes
—[are you happy with your life]: Not really
—[but are you happy]: Sometimes
—[what plans do you have for the future]: Do.. something
—[who do you really hate]: No one
—[who's your least favorite family member]: Hm.. my sister can get on my nerves, and my dad is kind of distant/doesn't really understand
—[who's your most trustworthy family member]: My mom
—[deep secret]: Well if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret
—[embarrasing moment]: That one time with Celidie and Redanis...
—[liked the quiz]: I should stop taking these.. but I couldn't resist
polarbearpolarbear3010 on May 1st, 2004 03:45 am (UTC)
Can't stop! You'd understand if you had the same job... :D
... just imagine how stupid are all those surveys I find, but don't post :)