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Yea Avs!! Go Super Joe Sakic!!

He scored the last three Avs goals, two of them in overtime. *beam* They were talking to Peter Forsberg after the game, who assisted on the goal with a behind the back, no-look pass from just behind the net. They asked him if he saw Joe there. "Well, I just kind of felt him." He felt his presence. *grin*

"I have seen this... I was standing here, right here. And Joe was there behind me, and I passed the puck to him, and he scored, and we won the game in overtime." So, if Paul Kariya is The One, Peter Forsberg can be The Oracle. It's better than being the Ranting Swede. *snicker*

Edit: I forgot to say that Joe Sakic is now tied with Maurice "Rocket" Richard for most overtime goals scored in the playoffs all-time. If you're tied with someone who's had a trophy named after him, that can't be bad. :)
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