Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Introverted (I) 90% Extroverted (E) 10%
Imaginative (N) 73.53% Realistic (S) 26.47%
Emotional (F) 60.61% Intellectual (T) 39.39%
Organized (J) 51.61% Easygoing (P) 48.39%
Your type is: INFJ
You are a Guide, possible professions include - career counselor, psychologist, educational consultant, special education teacher, librarian, artist, playwright, novelist/poet, editor/art director, information-graphics, designer, HRM manager, merchandise planner, environmental lawyer, marketer, job analyst, mental health counselor, dietitian/nutritionist, research, educational consultant, architects, interpreter/translator.
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Hm.. I've taken to calling myself an INFP. But as you can see, my answers are very close for that particular one. They were when I took the official test too. So, well.. I'm one of the two. I don't really see it as Organized/Easy-going though.. but I suppose it contributes to that. The J/P stand for Judging/Perceiving. And the others are Extroverted/Introverted, iNtuitive/Sensing, and Thoughts/Feelings.
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