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I was reading through the history of Julian Leperilleux, which I wrote almost 3 years ago. I’m planning a quest which incorporates his story into it. It makes me smile though, reading these things and seeing how well they fit into the game’s history. I remember walking through the ruins of Brynn, and it’s like this is a page out of history, which, actually, it is. I started this storyline oh so many years ago when I created Celidie. It’s so awesome to see the things you created come together like this. It’s like, “Remember that character from Celidie’s history? Well, he wasn’t just some random character. He has a whole history of his own, and now, what he did is showing up again.”

The story is so involved... It kind of makes me realize how much time and thought I’ve devoted to my character and her history. But, wow, it’s great to see things click and have her story come alive. It feels like she’s really a part of that world. Even with all my planning for other characters, none of them have had the success that Celidie’s story has had. And she isn’t even my longest played character anymore, her son is. *snicker* But it makes me want to expand on this more, and bring to life the other parts of her history, of Azaeruil’s and Aleksey’s. One of these days I will write a good version of Celidie’s history, hehe. With all of her experiences in the game, I could probably write a novel about it. That might actually be fun...
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