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We got The Return of the King today. (As a side note, I love Arwen’s dress, the one on the cover. I’d look good in that. Damn, I want that dress!) We were just watching the trailers, and a bit of the special features. It’s so inspiring... It makes me want to do so many things. I want to play Elwing. I want to read The Silmarillion again. I want to listen to Nightfall in Middle-Earth. I want to write a musical based on The Silmarillion/NIME. I want to write fantasy novels. I want to draw. I want to run a quest. I want to roleplay. I want to be a part of that world...

Alright, my passion is medieval fantasy. There are many things which I am interested in, which I enjoy. But this is what I’m passionate about. What can I do which centers around this? I’ve already listed that which I am inspired to do, but what can I focus on? How can I make a career out of this? I need to stop coming up with so many projects and finishing none of them. I need something I can devote myself to, my whole self. I need to turn my passion into something tangible.
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