Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

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Listen, crowd, I'll tell you everything
Though I have to say I don't know much...

You know what would be great..? Being a professional bard. Going around singing songs and telling tales of old. I wonder if that is still an actual profession in this day and age. I could do that. I always get that answer in those little "What DnD race/class are you?" quizzes anyway. *snicker* Just think.. a teacher, a musician, a specialist in folklore and medieval times all rolled into one. Maybe I could dress up too. *grin*

You should also listen to this song. Blind Guardian - A Past and Future Secret. It's a somber medieval ballad about King Arthur, the Once and Future King. "Take him back to Avalon..." Very beautiful.

Bards you are, bards you will be, and bards you have always been.
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