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30 May 2002 @ 09:46 pm
I took this little survey yesterday, and never got around to posting it. Thought I might as well do it now. I have been feeling a little down, but right now it's nice outside. The wind is blowing in the window, and it smells like rain. I think I might draw some more...

Current Dress: Black Silver Flame tank, jeans
Current Makeup: purple/blue eyeshadow, coverup, I think my lipstick wore off..
Current Mood: Pretty good, bored
Current Music: SFAM playing in my head
Current Taste: Potato chips.. mm..
Current Hair: Long, dark brown, and falling over my shoulders
Current Annoyance: People talking nearby.. and the tv is too loud
Current Smell: April Fields perfume
Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing: Writing mob and obj descs for Tirome :)
Current Desktop Picture: None
Current Favorite Artist: Joe Satriani
Current Favorite Group: Dream Theater
Current Book: None.. hm.. I haven't read in a while
Current CD In Stereo: Dream Theater, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory
Current VHS in player: The tape of the Avalanche game my little brother recorded earlier
Current Color Of Toenails: I don't paint my toenails, silly
Current Refreshment: Coke
Current Worry: Feeling left out.. or that I'm missing something.. or need to get something done...
Current Crush: No one.. Well, Martin Skoula...
Current Favorite Celebrity: Liv Tyler

You Touched: Does my dog count?
You Talked to: My mom
You Hugged: Hm.. my mom maybe, I don't remember
You Instant Messaged: Joe
You Yelled At: I don't really yell at anyone...
You Had A Crush on: Chapel
Who Broke Your Heart: Chapel :(

Food: Italian
Drink: Coke or Pepsi
Color: Green
Album: Dream Theater, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory
Shoes: My boots!
Candy: Chocolate truffles.. mm..
Animal: Ocelot
TV Show: South Park or Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Movie: Saving Private Ryan
Dance: *shrug*
Song: Metallica, Turn the Page
Vegetable: Potato
Fruit: Cherry

Understanding: Usually
Open-minded: Often
Arrogant: No
Insecure: Yes
Interesting: I suppose..
Hungry: No
Friendly: Try to be
Smart: Yes
Moody: Sometimes
Childish: Not really
Independent: I like to be
Hard working: When things interest me
Organized: Yes
Healthy: I suppose
Emotionally Stable: Probably not
Shy: Yes
Difficult: Sometimes
Attractive: Yes
Bored Easily: Kind of
Messy: No
Thirsty: No
Responsible: Not as much as I should be
Obsessed: Potentially
Angry: Hardly ever
Sad: Yes
Happy: Not really
Trusting: Usually
Ill: No
Talkative: Not at all
Legal: In what way?
Original: Often
Different: Yes
Unique: Yes
Ignored: Sometimes
Reliable: Not exactly..
Content: Sometimes
Optimistic: Not really
Deep thinker: Yes
Self-disciplined: Not really
Sleepy: Sometimes
Lonely: Yes

Kill: No one
Slap: Twinks.. "I had preferred kicking, but slapping will do."
Get Really Wasted With: I've never even been really wasted... :)
Tickle: Goblins
Look Like: I like looking like me
Be Like: Mm.. I want to be more confident and less perfectionistic
Talk To: No one really.. I just want to find someone who can understand me

"I know the air is cold
I know the streets are cruel
But I'll enjoy the ride today"
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Dream Theater - Another World
(Anonymous) on May 31st, 2002 11:38 am (UTC)

Current Dress: Khaki's, green shortsleeved shirt & green longsleeved shirt.
Current Makeup: N/A.
Current Mood: Tired and depressed.
Current Music: Silence...
Current Taste: Saliva.
Current Hair: Spiked brown.
Current Annoyance: Being ignored.
Current Smell: Brute cologne.
Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing: Mowing the lawn.
Current Desktop Picture: Sand Dunes and the Moon.
Current Favorite Artist: Joe Satriani
Current Favorite Group: Blind Guardian.
Current Book: N/A.
Current CD In Stereo: Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera.
Current VHS in player: N/A.
Current Color Of Toenails: N/A.
Current Refreshment: Gatorade.
Current Worry: Baseball game tomorrow, being alone the rest of my life.
Current Crush: Elsie.
Current Favorite Celebrity: N/A

You Touched: Too long ago to remember.
You Talked to: Marianne.
You Hugged: Elsie.
You Instant Messaged: Marianne.
You Yelled At: Nobody.
You Had A Crush on: Marianne.
Who Broke Your Heart: N/A

Food: Greek.
Drink: Gatorade.
Color: Black, if it can be considered a color...
Album: Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera.
Shoes: Lugz.
Candy: Ferrero Rochers.
Animal: Chinchilla.
TV Show: N/A.
Movie: Gladiator.
Dance: N/A.
Song: Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet.
Vegetable: Potato.
Fruit: Pineapple.

Understanding: Sometimes.
Open-minded: Not usually.
Arrogant: No.
Insecure: Yes.
Interesting: At times.
Hungry: No.
Friendly: To most.
Smart: Yes.
Moody: Yes.
Childish: No.
Independent: Yes.
Hard working: Yes.
Organized: Yes.
Healthy: Hereditary heart condition.
Emotionally Stable: No.
Shy: Yes.
Difficult: Not usually.
Attractive: No.
Bored Easily: No.
Messy: No.
Thirsty: No.
Responsible: Yes.
Obsessed: Probably.
Angry: No.
Sad: Yes.
Happy: No.
Trusting: Yes.
Ill: No.
Talkative: No.
Legal: No.
Original: Yes.
Different: Yes.
Unique: Yes.
Ignored: Yes.
Reliable: Yes.
Content: No.
Optimistic: No.
Deep thinker: Yes.
Self-disciplined: Yes.
Sleepy: Yes.
Lonely: Yes.

Kill: Nobody.
Slap: Nobody.
Get Really Wasted With: Nobody.
Tickle: Nobody.
Look Like: Nobody.
Be Like: Nobody.
Talk To: Marianne.