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Well, we didn’t go... Winni is doing worse. My mom got a call from the vet this morning, and she went over there. Before, Winni was having high blood pressure and a fever. But this morning she had really low blood pressure and low temperature and was having a hard time breathing. So, they put her on a different medicine to counteract that. They did a scan and found three abnormalities on her stomach, liver, and pancreas, but they’re not sure what is wrong exactly. They will have to perform surgery to determine if they are cancerous, and if there’s anything they can do for her. But, it’s not guarataneed that they can do anything to help, so we may have to put Winni down. :( Poor puppy dog...

*sigh* She is our first pet too, and so cute... She is eight, so not extremely old or anything. She’s had alot of health problems in the past though. Most everyone at the vet’s knows her. I know our neighbor’s border collie/australian shepherd got cancer and had to be put down somewhat recently. I’ll miss my puppy dog though. :(

This whole week has been strange... First, my dad’s car broke down. Then my mouth got sore, and I thought I may have tonsillitis, though it turned out it wasn’t that, it just hurt like heck whenever I swallowed. It’s feeling better now though. And my computer was acting strangely too. The screen was flickering different colors and it looked weird, though that seems to have righted itself for now. And now Winni is sick. She was kind of acting slow the past couple of days, but then she was throwing up and not eating, so we took her to the vet. And our trip has been put on hold, perhaps cancelled. I was actually ready for this trip too. The joy of irony...

I really want my puppy to be okay though, but I don’t know... Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. She seemed real upset about Winni. We went over to the vet’s this afternoon to see her. She still looks sleepy, with not alot of energy. She has two or three IVs too. They say that she’s showing signs of jaundice, which means her liver isn’t working properly. Her blood pressure, etc. is still stabilizing, and once it is pretty stable, she will be able to have surgery, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. But, there’s so much going on with her, she might not even make it through that. *sigh* Poor puppy dog...
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