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Feeling better...

I talked to Rob last night. I think it helped. I just let him know how I was feeling. I think it's a lot better to get things out in the open, instead of keeping it all inside and guessing about how he would react.

My only hesitation is that I don't want to fall back into the same place I was before. I had asked a couple people, including him, if I depended too much on him, and I think the answer was yes. So.. I will have to learn how I can be around him without becoming so attached.

Joe suggested I try to not spend as much time roleplaying with him, but if I play Aerydais, she is going to be with him most of the time, as that is a part of her character. Rob seemed concerned that I was thinking of not playing her, so at least I know that he cares.

Resplendent Posy: I don't know if I have ever seen the true you, or if you always put on a sort of glorified facade depending upon the situation.
Chapel Reborn: Want to hear something funny? I've been joking around for so long in so many ways I don't even know the real me. The only way you could ever see it is to be around me for a while, or to interact with me for a while. There are people in the game that know me, and can predict my movements...I don't know who I am. I never did.

That was probably the most significant part of the conversation for me. I have been reading about personality types, and Rob is most definately a type three. They put on different personas depending upon what is neccessary at that moment, yet they are always concerned about appearances, so they never look inward, and they have no clear sense of self. And I was able to make him admit that...

I think that I will still have to be wary not to get too caught up in things, but I will continue to go along with what was planned. Like Joe said, things aren't resolved, they're just out in the open.

If there were no desire to heal
The damaged and broken met along
This tedious path I've chosen here
I certainly would have walked away by now
And I still may
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