Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We went to the Renaissance Faire today. It was fun. I bought a new bracelet, and a lightswitch cover designed like a castle. I have needed a new lightswitch cover for awhile. We looked at the artwork and jewelry and whatnot, and caught the end of a show with knife-throwing and doggies, hehe. We also pet the greyhounds, and one lady who was crocheting at her shop had two little toy-poodles. They were so cute, hehe. Probably half the size of Winni, and almost her same color but less orange, and they had curly lambs-wool type fur. I pet them, and one of them licked my hand with its little tiny tongue. :) And we saw (but didn’t pet) the horses, and elephants, and camels.

A little girl said I was very white. *snicker* And the girls working at one of the jewelry shops were fawning over how pretty I was, aww... *blush* And they liked my outfit too. I was wearing my flowy top again. It makes me feel like a faerie. :) “Lovely” is the word I use to describe myself in it. I am like a porcelain doll. Pale, precious, and fragile. Okay, I’m done with the narcissism, hehe.
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