Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, today was, um.. weird, hehe. We went over to get my driving permit renewed. We got there at about 4:30, and ended up waiting 45 minutes in line, because the place was packed. Now, they close at 5:00, but they were still taking all the people that were in line before they locked the doors. So, we got up there finally, said we wanted to renew a permit, and I handed her my old one. She looked at it, then realized that it had been expired for over a year, and I would have to take the written test again. Then, she said that I couldn’t take it today, because they were closed now, and we would have to come back again. My mom was floored... It’s about a 5 minute test, and there were at least 10 people behind us still.. yet I couldn’t take the test, because they were closed and they can’t work overtime. Yet.. they were still servicing all the other people... Oh well. We were planning to get me registered to vote there too. But, for some reason I couldn’t do that either.. something about that I had a form filled out, and I’d have to bring it over to someplace in Golden. But.. had I not had the form, I would have been able to register? *confused* Anyway, I guess we will try again on Thursday.

Then, my mom took me over to the Ascot Theatre for an acting class I had been looking into. We had gone over before and got the registration form, and the girl there said to just bring it when you go to the first class. So, we’re going over there, and we kept hitting every single yellow light... *snicker* My mom was still frustrated over the thing with the permit, so we were joking that wouldn’t it be something if we got over there and they said, “Sorry, we’re closed.” or some other silliness. And, well, we did get there. The girl who was normally at the reception desk wasn’t there, but one of the guitar instructers was making a phone call, and he was talking with us when he was done, and trying to find just what we were looking for. He seemed really nice. Then the girl came back in, and she was trying to find the paper that said exactly when and where exactly the class was. The guy ended up calling another girl who works there, and she said that the classes actually didn’t start until September 1. So.. we did get the right paper with the right schedule, and turned in the registration sheet, so I should be all set for that now. But, whee.. what a day, hehe. And cause of all that, we decided to get Dairy Queen. *grin* Ice cream cures all...

And I am still confused about this Kisah/Tattingham/Quessa war thing... Are we still warring..? And what the heck did Ken do and why? And what’s going on with who and what now? Blah! hehe
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