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31 May 2002 @ 11:22 pm
Can you heal what father's done?
Or fix this hole in a mother's son?
Can you heal the broken worlds within?
Can you strip away so we may start again?
Tell me, can you heal what father's done?
Or cut this rope and let us run?
Just when all seems fine and I'm pain-free
You jab another pin, jab another pin in me

Open door, so I walk inside
Close my eyes, find my place to hide
And I shake as I take it in
Let the show begin...

The higher you are, the farther you fall
The longer the walk, the farther you crawl
My body, my temple, this temple it tilts
Step into the house that Jack built

The city, it calls to me
Decadent scenes from my memory
Sorrow, eternity
My demons are coming to drown me

Crawling to my glass prison
A place where no one knows
My secret lonely world begins
So much safer here
A place where I can go
To forget about my daily sins

Strike up your best angst-ridden posture
Manufactured anger
Let's not forget my legacy
All my heroes have failed me
Now they're dead and buried

Still awake, I continue to move along
Cultivating my own nonsense
Welcome to the wasteland
Where you'll find ashes
Nothing but ashes...

Renew our faith which way we can
To fall in love with life again...
Current Mood: destructive
Current Music: Metallica - Fixxer