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17 August 2004 @ 08:20 pm
We were going to go down to the Denver Dumb Friends League to look at puppies, but it got to be too late. So, we went to the pet store in the mall instead, hehe. We saw the cutest little Yorkshire Terrier... My mom now wants to get a Yorkie, hehe. He was in a pen with a little chihuahua, a pug, and another black, furry dog. They were all playing, and trying to bite each other’s tails, hehe. And, we saw a bengal kitten! She was so cute... I want to get a kitty like that. She was the prettiest little kitty, with the leopard spots and gold eyes. I would have loved to bring her home, hehe, though I bet bengals would cost alot. That is the nice thing about the Dumb Friends League, it’s only $75-90 to adopt a pet, and it includes the shots and spaying/neutering and all that. So.. we will probably head down there some other time this week, and see who all is available for adoption. Maybe they will have a Yorkie. *grin*