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20 August 2004 @ 04:43 am
I’m beginning to notice that Avendar isn’t very newbie-friendly... Considering that I was poor and dying of starvation in the first incarnation of my druid, I couldn’t kill anything to earn money to buy food or a light since mine ran out, the one place where I could kill things for money I had to pay to board a ferry to cross the river... Well, I said screw it, and remade, choosing the right city as my hometown this time, as apparently there are no newbie areas near the other one I had chosen?

So.. things seemed to be going well. I was in the right place this time at least. I tried killing the merchants by the docks, as someone had suggested earlier, and, well.. I died... So, I wandered back to my corpse as a ghost, and tried to ‘get all corpse’. But, apparently that doesn’t work (most likely to prevent pkers from full looting people). So, instead I had to get each item from my corpse one by one, and it must have some lag to it too. So, bleh, dying is a hassle... You also must go back to the temple and ‘heal resurrect’ to resurrect yourself from ghost form. So, okay I did that.

Now.. I go looking for a place to hunt. Well, one of the newbie areas, according to the map, is somewhere to the south of the city. So, I go wandering along this forest path. Oh, I ran into a druid who told me to follow a path to my guild! Whee, found the relative proximity of the druid guild! So.. searching for the druid guild... I suddenly ran into some killer mushroom spores, and almost died.. okay, not going this way again... So, I keep searching. Keep in mind, I’m an explorer, so exploring is my thing. Unfortunately, this portion of the world clearly was not meant for explorers, as I suddenly find myself falling into a pit. Well, crap, the exit back north is now gone. So, I try going up.. it seems I can’t go up unless I can fly. Crap. Well, let’s go this way... *scans* A big emerald dragon to the west. I don’t think I want to go this way... *goes back* Well, I can’t get out this way, so I’m stuck. Might as well go see if I can flee past the dragon... *wanders into dragon’s lair* *promptly dies* Guess not...

So.. I go back for my corpse now. Wander into the mushroom spores again. Fortunately, they don’t affect you if you’re a ghost, hehe. Oh, look, I found the druid guild! If only I had gotten here earlier... Hey.. a place to hunt with mobs in my range! *mutters about stupid dragons* Ah ha, now I am back at the evil pit of dragonly death. *gets items from corpse very slowly* Well, fortunately I can fly as a ghost as well. *flies out of pit, muttering about dragons* So, I go back and resurrect again. I’ve had enough for tonight now, thank you. *snicker* Oh well, I’ll see how things go now that I know about evil dragon pits and can actually find my guild. The mud itself does not look too bad. I like how the damage system is when fighting. But, bleh.. hopefully not every area is this harsh for newbies...
polarbearpolarbear3010 on August 20th, 2004 07:03 am (UTC)

Come play with us! Aa.. isn't newbie friendly either, but you can at least find a nice person to take you hunting and then, of course, leave you there and sign off. But oh well.

Hey, they have this nice magenta gt you can't change.. *grin*

..now to find my way out of the Emerald forest...
Marianneresplendentposy on August 20th, 2004 06:45 pm (UTC)
Aaa.. Forsaken Lands at least has 'help tour' to point you to some areas to hunt (though I found that it is more directed for groups of those levels, rather than a lone person). The person I was grouping with had a habit of leading people into scary places and getting them killed, hehe. And.. the color... *shudder* I think I am too spoiled with Feudal. I do like the little quests and stuff though. And the mprogs are cute, hehe.