Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We went to the pet store again. Saw a cute little dachshund/poodle mix. She looked pretty much like a dachshund, more of a poodle face I think, black with a tan streak down her muzzle and tan paws. She was so cute, and so tiny, hehe. Smaller than Winni when we first got her I think. They even took her out, and we got to play with her in a little closed off area. She was so shy! Poor little thing. She had been napping, so I think she was still a little sleepy, and then suddenly she’s in a new place with these big people, hehe. But, I let her sniff my hand and she warmed up to me a little. I held her, and you could lift her with one hand. She was just a tiny little furry thing, hehe. We’re not sure if she would be comfortable in our house though, with my brother and his friends over and practicing and whatnot. Plus, she is so small, she would get lost, hehe.

I think we may look to see if the Denver Dumb Friends League gets any young, small dogs. They mostly get bigger dogs though. Or we could see if the pet store gets any female Yorkies, or a similar dog. The male Yorkie was still there, and he was more playful than the little dachshund, but my mom doesn’t want to have to worry about training a male doggie to relieve himself in the house, hehe. That could be.. interesting. Oh well, we will keep looking I suppose.
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