Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,


Aww... I want this puppy! He's a beagle/terrier mix, two months old. And he's so cute... My mom still isn't sure about getting a boy, but.. but.. look at him... We may be able to go over there tomorrow. I really, really hope he's still there!

More puppies!

They were only listing two from this litter on the website. They're cuties too. And they must have just gotten a litter of black jack russell mixes (they must be part lab.. they look more like labs than jack russells, and they're bigger too). I just checked, and they have some german shepherd mixes that are likely from the same litter too. "Maggie" was already gone though. *pout* But "Juniper" is smaller, so my mom is probably more likely to get him, even if he is a boy. *hopes he will still be there*
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