Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, we went over to the Dumb Friends League. "Juniper" was already gone. Aww... But we did see four other little puppies we wanted to look at. But, they were already being adopted. Aww... They did have alot of cute doggies though, hehe. It is a rather neat facility, big too. First, you do a little registration thing on the computer saying what kind of dog you want and everything. Then you can go around to all the kennels and look at the dogs, and you write down the ones you'd like to get to see. And next you go up to the counter and show them the dogs you want to see, and if they're available, you wait to be interviewed, etc., then you can meet with the dog(s) one on one. It's nice that you can see what all dogs are there. They look different in person than they do on the internet too, hehe. And the little tags on their kennels show their name, age, breed info, and even tells you the type of temperment they have. But, oh well, we will keep checking the site I guess, and see if they get anymore puppies. We may head down there on Tuesday too.
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