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19 September 2004 @ 10:18 pm
[ 78] Jerrel: A dangerous happening
Date: Sun Sep 19 22:07:45 2004
To: all
- A scroll is seen being nailed to the gates of city and the taverns inside
each one -

Let it be known to one and all that a great disterbence was seen this day.
A pirate ship was found sailing on the city of Riverdale. This was not a
ship that had been seen in many years. The Captain of the ship and the
crew were not seen. There were two things that were seen neither of
them were pretty. The first were large cannons being launched at the
city of Riverdale. The second was even more disturbing, a large flag
showing a rose and a small yellow coin. A name was yelled by the other
pirates several times, the name yelled was Captain L.

Let be known that Baronet Gelath seeks this man or any one that can
provide more information about him.

- The scroll is signed and marked with the seal of the Order of Lunarou. -

You tell your house: '(A pirate ship! hehehe)'
Scout Reichtor tells the house 'Where?'
You tell your house: '(Jerrel posted a note)'
You tell your house: '(And today was 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' I believe :))'
Scout Reichtor tells the house '(Ohhh...)'
Scout Reichtor tells the house '(That would explain the attacks earlier)'
Leaflet Briyer tells the house '(arrrrrrrrrr matey!)'
You tell your house: '(hehe)'
Leaflet Briyer tells the house '(has her stuffed parrot on her shoulder)'