Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

It’s dark.. and cold.. in space... Er.. it’s cold and rainy out. And I just got a new catalog from Museum Replicas. And I want all this stuff! And I want to write about my characters. And draw them too. Only.. I’m not good enough of an artist. So.. I’ll just think about them. And get frustrated that things aren’t in actuality as they are in my mind. And.. blah. I should write...

For my one novel, I’m trying to figure out where it’s going, why things are why they are. What are my people’s motivations? It has to have a point, otherwise it’s just a bunch of meaningless action. And I like all the action, and I like all the inner struggles my character is going through. But it needs to have a base, it needs structure, an underlying reason behind it all. Otherwise it’s just some crazy dude doing stuff for.. whatever reason.. cause it’s fun, hehe.

But, bleh.. I don’t want to deal with the structure. I just want to revel in the pure, dark emotion. It’ll all make sense later, right? *snicker*
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