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We went to the pet store today. We saw a little black “pekepoo”, a pekingese/poodle. She is very cute... We got to hold her and play with her. Her fur is so soft, and she must weigh all of two pounds. She seemed a bit shy at first. She was seeming the most affectionate towards my sister, while “Houdini” the little dachshund/poodle we had seen there earlier seemed to favor me. I don’t know if she’s right for us.. those were my first thoughts. But, then we went into the little closed off space in the corner, and set her down, and she explored a little. Then my sister got her to play, hehe. She seemed to warm up to us alot then. She’d attack my hand and chew on it, hehe. Then if you moved your hand, she’d chase it around, and sometimes she’d try to turn too fast and she’d wind up on her back, but she’d still bat your hand with her paws and try to bite it, hehe. Then she kept going after the sleeves of our jackets, and my pants, and my shoelaces, hehe. She does definitely seem playful. I think we’d need a kind of dog like that.

So.. I don’t know. I would like to get a puppy, and she might be right.. but then I think maybe there’s a better fit for us out there. I think I like the terriers more. They had a few jack russells and rat terriers, but they were boys. I do want to get a puppy though.. and I don’t know how much longer I want to be searching, waiting for the “perfect” one... It’s like an emotional roller coaster ride everytime we go to one of these places, or look at the dogs online. I just want to find the right puppy for us... But, while I don’t want to jump the gun, I don’t want to be waiting forever.. and each time I see these cute little faces, I wish that one would be “the one” for us.

Tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday, and he wanted to see the puppy before we decided for sure whether to get her or not (he didn’t go with us tonight). So.. she may or may not be coming home. I keep going back and forth between “Oh, she’s not the one.” and “But she’s so much like everything we wanted.”, so.. blah. I would really like a puppy though. And she is playful and everything. She might fit in. My mom is thinking we could call her Xena. She is still sort of obsessing over the fact that all her “children” have had names in alphabetical order (not intentionally!) - Andrew, Marianne, Rebecca, Steven, Winni.. and there’s not many letters after W. *snicker* But.. she does sort of fit the “warrior princess” thing, hehe. She managed to drag my purse (well, it’s a little purse) across the floor, and was “attacking” just about everything she could find, hehe.

So.. we will see, I suppose. If she is still there, I have a feeling she will be coming home with us though. *grin*
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