Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,


Well.. we brought “Xena” home, hehe. My mom took my little brother out to lunch and brought him over there to see her then, and we put her on hold to pick her up after everyone was done with school. When she first saw us, she stood up and was pawing the glass, hehe. I wonder if she remembered us. We got her food, and treats, and a bowl, and some toys - a little rope toy, a squeaky toy, and a little chew bone - and picked out a hot pink collar and leash to go with her black fur. They had a collar with little spikes on it, which we thought would be fitting for a “warrior princess”, hehe, but my mom opted for the regular collar instead.

The car ride didn’t seem to bother her. Then we got her home and showed her to my older brother and his girlfriend Nikki (I think that’s how she spells it..). Nikki has a little pug, hehe, and horse(s) too. We just kept Xena in the laundry room for now with the little child gate up. Though she did sit with my sister on the couch for awhile. We want her to get accustomed to a littler space first before she goes wandering around the whole house. She spent some time checking out all the corners, hehe. We still have the cage in there, and I’m sure she could smell Winni, since her little nose was going the whole time. Yeah.. I kinda missed the smell of puppy, so it’s nice to have that again.

It didn’t take her long to be ready to play, hehe. She certainly likes chewing on things. The floor was slippery for her, so she’d try lunging at a toy or your hand and just flop everywhere, hehe. She’d pick up her little bone in her mouth and go trouncing to the other side of the room, all puppy legs. And she seemed to think that the little corner we had set up for her bathroom area was her own little private play corner, hehe. She’d take her toys down there, and then a little later she’d come running back with them, hehe.

We gave her a little treat to try out.. and I don’t think she knew what to do with it. *snicker* At first she was just batting it around like a cat.. the way she uses her paws, you’d think she was a kitten, hehe. But after picking it up in her mouth a couple times, she finally decided it eat it. I think she’s still figuring a few things out. Right now she’s just a little bundle of fun with a short attention span, hehe. She took a nap on the couch with my sister, and then was ready to play again later. I do think she doesn’t like being left completely alone, so at least one of us was around to keep an eye on her.

My mom had set up a little basket in her room for Xena to sleep in, but she didn’t seem to like being in there, so my mom let her sleep on the bed instead, hehe. Winni would sleep in the bed sometimes, or she’d just curl up on the couch or in some blankets on the floor downstairs. We’ll have to just let her get used to things and see how she is then.

Here’s some pictures of her. I’ll have to take some more when the light is better. She’s all black, so in most of them it’s hard to tell which part of her is where. *snicker*

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