Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, it seems that Chewie strained his back somehow. He was just whining terribly everytime he moved. Poor thing... My brother took him over to the vet where he was diagnosed and they gave him some medication. I think he was feeling at least a little better when they got back. He was walking around some. But then he’d just sit there awkwardly. He didn’t want to lay down and he didn’t want to be picked up. Poor puppy. They brought him downstairs, and Alley kept trying to get close to him, and she was meowing alot. I don’t think I’ve really seen her that vocal. Either she wanted to play or she could tell he was hurt. She was acting more friendly with me too, letting me pet her. Maybe just cause my brother was there. But, hopefully puppy will be feeling better soon. I know Xena will miss her play buddy, hehe.
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