Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I was cleaning today and was reading through some old notes. Some things, I don’t even know what I was thinking of when I wrote them, hehe. I liked this:

“You speak of nothing. A... a fairy tale.”
“Oh, if only life, my friend, was but a fairy tale. Everyone would live happily ever after.”

I’m trying to remember just what story that was for... On a side note, my handwriting was alot better back then. I must have become less of a perfectionist, which is good, I suppose, because I used to obsess over writing everything neatly and just right. Or maybe I just write faster now, hehe.

Here is some inspirational advice from my mother I found, “If you don’t write it, they won’t read it.” Yep.. I must work on getting all my ideas down on paper in a form that makes sense, and that I am happy with.

Some day I may go through the huge pile of paper that is sitting on my bookshelf. I have one notebook and a billion loose sheets of paper full of writing and various other stuff. And I have countless notes piled and scattered atop my desk too... I wonder if I keep stuff just so that I can go back through them months and years later and see what I was thinking. *snicker* You do find the most interesting things that way...
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