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19 November 2004 @ 09:17 pm
I just got my Realms of Fantasy and Museum Replicas catalogs today... Everytime I read or look through those, I get so.. meh.. I want to be there. I need to live in a fantasy world. There was an article about the Lord of the Rings touring exhibit, which let you walk through and see actual props used for the sets. They put so much effort and detail into things... Making the armor look weathered and worn, putting as much detail as possible into the sets, making it look and feel real. It got me dreaming about being a part of The Silmarillion, if they ever make a movie version of that.

I want to be involved in that, just to be in that kind of setting and to make-believe. I want to run through the castle halls, and admire the intricate carvings. I want to walk up wide staircases, and dance and twirl in my long, flowing dress. I want to practice with swords and ride horses and dance by the fire and stare up at the endless sea of stars. I want that to be my world... I long for that, or I miss it. Where buildings are stone instead of steel. There is no trash or grime or pollution. Where you can run for hours through open fields, wild woods, and grassy hills, with no sign of civilization in sight. I want to experience that. And movies may be the closest I will get in this world. I could immerse myself in that realm, if only for a little time. I could pretend. And it would be real.

*sighs* I just “wish I could be part of that world”...

Take me away...
Current Mood: sadwistful