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Okay, so I had to have a bit of fun before the housewipe when my mortals are sucked into oblivion for a quasi-eternal slumber. First, I got to roleplay as the faerie, teaching an elf to speak the silly language of the humans. And I hadn't even planned that...

Next, I got to enjoy pk for the last time in a long while. Brynn's soldiers were making a scene of insulting Aerydais in the center of Stonegate, and they, along with Melchiah of Lunarou, had tried to ambush Aeorin (our ally in Concolor) earlier. So, Christoph and I caught Isdenar alone in center, and took care of him with a couple of well-placed backstabs, and some excellent moves with a dagger. Aerydais' first pk victory. :)

Next, we had to go to Riverdale to track down Melchiah. The two of us were already hurt, and he was spamming bone darts. We were both going to have to flee, when Azariah showed up - the hero of the day. :) I fled with 200 hp left, and Christoph with 47, and two seconds later Aza disposed of Melchiah. Not bad for a house with a total of three members. We're so evil... :)

Later on, Aeorin showed up, and ran into Labricus and Isdenar. He killed them both, simultaneously, alone. That was just sad... but funny. :) So.. at least I got to have some pk fun before giving up my chars. And it was actually fun, cause.. we got to shove Brynn's badmouthing right in their faces. Hehe, Tirome isn't evil.. just... misunderstood. We're the victims after all, right?

You tell your house: 'They sure are bitchy :)'
Defensive Coordinator Someone tells the house 'of course, they all died'
Defensive Coordinator Someone tells the house 'lol'
You tell your house: 'snicker'
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