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10 December 2004 @ 03:52 am
Feudal Rant  
I’m getting sick of Feudal. This most recent thing with Terloch just puts a cap on things. In short, Terloch (the owner of the mud) disabled Tirome’s house guards so that he, as his mortal alt, could go in with Rexer and pk someone, then loot their house chests. And this was after they had gone on a pk rampage, during which there were about eight restores. Not that I have any love for Tirome, but that is just.. wrong. I think that all the long-term players know that Terloch cheats. I’ve watched him cheat. And, I’m sure everyone who plays that mud has cheated at least once during their time there. It’s not the fact that he cheats that bothers me. In the past, I have done as most everyone else has and just shrugged it off. But, it’s one thing if you’re just doing things to make it easier for yourself. It’s another if you’re making other people’s time spent on the game worse. I mean, how the hell to you defend yourself against the owner of the mud who exploits his power? What does it tell the players if he runs around being a twink just because he can? He’s banned people for lesser offenses. And how in the world are we supposed to respect him after something like this?

And now, some players are just shrugging this off as well. They say that he’s allowed to cheat because he’s the owner of the mud. So he can do whatever the hell he wants, no matter who is hurt by it. I don’t suppose they would be saying that if, say, Terloch decided it would be fun to slay them and eat their corpse? I mean, where do you draw the line? Rayne made a post on the forums asking about what happened and basically saying wtf? I don’t think it was overly rude or anything. I didn’t even realize that Terloch had been involved until the whole situation was recounted to me. And, amazingly, that post was gone within an hour. There was a whole string of notes on the general board (and I’ll admit, that one in particular was pretty asinine). And now all of them are gone. So.. T won’t even admit that he cheated, and then tries to cover it up and pretend like nothing even happened. I just can’t keep playing a game where that is the attitude. What is the point of continuing to put all this effort into making this a better place when even the owner acts like that?

It’s not just this incident which is driving me away. And if it were, maybe I could let it slide. But, I’ve been steadily losing interest in the game. I’ve been enjoying myself less and less. Some of it is just boredom. All I do basically is shardhunt and occasionally engage in some rp within the house. There is no overall storyline to this game. There is no moving forward. Everyone just does their own little rp with their own house or group of friends, and houses go to war over the stupidiest little thing just so that they can pk for a week and then make peace again, and the cycle repeats. There’s no point to any of it. Then, you have stupid people like Vyctor who have to have things their way and cannot stand to let people do their own thing in peace. Then you have the twinks who just want to be uber 1337 and pk and make life miserable for other people. And then there’s the stupid decisions and changes which make rp look like a complete joke. For instance, Trelahna was ousted from being a hler and given no explanation. Kars and Vyctor write ic notes dissing her and whatnot. Then, a couple weeks later, Trelahna is reinstated as hler (with a new player of course) and Kars and Vyctor act like everything’s fine. It becomes rediculously evident that T only caters to certain people.

I just don’t know if it’s worth it to put all my energy into this game if I am no longer enjoying myself. I was going to build a new elven village, and make maps, and develop the eastern side of the realms, and design t-shirts, and all kinds of things. But why even bother with all that? Why try to improve a game which I can’t even stand to play, due to attitudes and one-sidedness and general blehness? A part of me is reluctant to leave. I mean, I’ve spent five years here, and I’ve hardly taken any breaks during all that time. I’ve worked hard on characters. I’ve developed them rp-wise and otherwise. I’ve made friends. I’ve had alot of fun here. This has been my home forever now. It’s hard to just give all that up. But, I keep thinking that it’s just text, and all those things I’ve gathered as my characters overtime don’t really exist. They’re meaningless. And I may actually be willing to let that go. Aleksey has kind of come to a stop with his storyline. The rest of his family isn’t even around most of the time. And what is there for the commander of the elves to do when nothing is happening? I doubt I’ll be interested in developing another character for this game.

So.. what now? I still don’t know if I’m ready to call it quits for sure. A break is in order though. And I’ll have to see if I’m willing to come back after that. I made a new character on CoM. I had made a felis ranger a few months ago and got her to level 28. I’ve noticed some changes after two years (yes, it has actually been that long.. wow) and it seems to have gotten better. Those little things that I always used to only be able to find on Feudal are now present on CoM too. And there’s things I like better. But.. I don’t know if I want to get that involved in a mud again. Maybe it would be better to just focus on my own worlds, my own stories. If I’m finally able to pull myself away, maybe I should use this as an opportunity to get my real life in order. So.. I don’t know. I feel kind of lost. I’m leaving behind alot of things, and I’m not quite sure what to pick up next. Oh well. I will see, I suppose...

Home is behind the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow, to the edge of night
Till the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade
All shall fade, all shall fade
The Other Grendel Slayer: wolfpicbeerwulf on December 10th, 2004 03:04 am (UTC)
Come play on GarouMUSH! :D

Ask for K-Bear. ;)

I won't be offended by any response of 'Ewwwwwww!'. ;)
fadedtapestry on December 10th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC)

don't make any hasty decisions. trust me, everyone gets disenchanted with feudal from time to time, we both know my temper tantrums with the place. terloch is a good guy at heart, just a poor manager with a temper worse than mine.

he judges people not actions...poor choice in a game with so many different alts.

that aside, there are ways to "circumvent" the immortal staff, which all suck, but then i've always hated immortals, we know this. (its why azaeruil is perm outcast -- he deserves it though)

that aside, take some time off. come to the BP with me and we'll build elven stuff...(we need to make a schedule, I've been so swamped), and then slowly slip back into the game.

no would could contest that you are dedicated to feudal, even if you left, but just take your time. it would be a shame to see you go.
Livakmisere on December 10th, 2004 09:45 am (UTC)
Or better yet.
Accept the truth and stop turning a blind eye to it.

Terloch is nothing more than a overgrown child who took someone else's game, revamped it a bit to cater to his own personal godhood and then cater to one or two completely childish minds that make him feel good about himself. Storylines are inconsistant, players are selfish, cheat and manipulate OOC factors in thier favor so that they come out as some untouchable force in which can do no wrong and quite frankly...the roleplay there is a joke.

A few people TRY To roleplay...Even less do it consistantly, and god forbid anyone make them look anything less than some super human god, or you'll be PK Gangbanged until you delete or give in to thier whims. I've seen people banned on whims just because one of the 'favorites' didn't like them. You don't hear about some of these people because Terloch lies about it or makes shit up.

I took him to an Everquest Convention to meet some of the developers and he made a COMPLETE ASS of himself and was a complete embaressment to himself, not to mention me...HE also gives out items, shards and equipment to his favorites, and takes pride in PK annilating people with his modified gear and stats.

Don't be enamored with a P.O.S. pretend roleplaying game. Chuck had a chance to change his ways and he instead got a bigger ego and made everything more shitty to boot. He's lost any respect I've ever had for him and deserves no softening of the truth. He's an asshole...period, and he's a lying, cheating one at that.

There are better ones...or better yet. Join something in RL.
Either way, don't delude yourself into thinking that anything will change anytime soon. It will always be the same small group running things, it will always be the same small group holding all the cards and it will always be the same small group manipulating the game into thier own little god world in which they can feel important instead of concentrating on how pathetic thier lives really are.

Chuck did a few unforgiveable things in my eyes that simply imprints on my mind that he is nothing more than a overgrown child who is never wrong and can do whatever he wants, regardless of 'right, wrong or fair.' He knows the bullshit he was involved in, he knows the crap he tried to pull and the things he refused to fix. The immortals ARE and always will be corrupt, bias and liars as far as I'm concerned. Chuck used to hold respect in my eyes at some point...then I took the blinders off.

So, stop being nice and let him have what he has coming to him.

Ruyven Serrais: Shadowsruyvenserrais on December 10th, 2004 04:44 pm (UTC)
You aint alone in your decisions lately Resp.

As you can tell Ive been on less and less too. Not to add to the fact of the move, but to add to the fact that...well...I can't do crap on there. I try and have some fun with people with quests, but then again the twinks rise and all that happy crap.

Believe me, I know the whole story and what happened, and I dont like it one bit myself, so I just log off and say forget it. Besides, lately, I've switched back in my powerleveling mode and been leveling on Aardwolf. I am hellbent on getting to 200 in 5 days. I got 35 to go from this post, so I am ready. I also play my RP char (same as Ruyven on FR) on Shang.

I dont know, just nothing seemed real after that moment. I feel for ya, and you know my IMs or Comments if you wnat to chat about it.

Dracodigitaldraco on December 12th, 2004 12:27 pm (UTC)
Definitely sounds like you're rethinking some stuff that's important to you.

My only advice is to stick with that. Usually if there's dissatisfaction and unrest, it's there for a good reason. Don't fall back on old habits. Press forward. :)

rothwyn on December 14th, 2004 12:40 pm (UTC)
I remember when ....
I remember when I used to play Feudal... it was good.
No matter what shade of gray I was bathed in, it was good.
Then ... Terloch became more active in the game; much more than before. Feudal ceased to be entertaining. All Terloch would do is romp around his room called Feudal Realms. I knew that I shouldn't bother with it and concentrate on the players but evolution is not something you can plan. Eventually I let it go. Just let it slip through my fingers. The only way to win a losing battle is to lose. That is why it is called a losing battle. The winner loses. I diverted my energy into other things. It is better to be happy with "entertainment" than miserable. Unless misery is something you are into... Just something to think about.