Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Okay, yes, I will finish Lindornea. I’m not sure if I will start any other projects for Feudal though. I may try to just.. sort of detach myself from the game, instead of having everything revolve around it. I’ll do elven rp, I’ll hunt for shards, I’ll craft, but I won’t obsess over it. I won’t worry over making all these changes and doing all these things to make the game a better place. It is how it is, and there’s no sense in griping over what it should be, especially when no one’s likely to adapt to my ideal. If I don’t get so attached to the game, I won’t be so upset when things aren’t going how I’d like. I can just focus on the little elven corner of the world and stick with that. Vyctor and company can go do whatever, so long as it doesn’t affect Kisah. And T can go kill all the Tiromians he wants. *smirk*
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