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27 December 2004 @ 02:31 am
I had a good Christmas. I woke up at 10, yes, 10 am! *snicker* We went through presents and everything. The puppies seemed to enjoy the stuff in their stockings. *grin* They can actually play pretty nicely now. I got... Blind Guardian - Live, Nightwish - Once, King Arthur, The Bourne Supremacy, a sketchpad just like I wanted, Prismacolor colored pencils (now I can color that faerie picture!), LotR action figures (Boromir, the witch king, and a haradrim archer), the Return of the King board game, a floor lamp, and a few various articles of clothing. Plus, we all got the Return of the King extended version and LotR trivial pursuit.

After presents, we listened to music, watched a dvd, and played with puppies for awhile. Then, a couple of family friends who we know through the school band came over. We had dinner, then played LotR trivial pursuit (I won, yea!). Some of the questions are ridiculously easy, and some are ridiculously difficult (Who counts the number of rows the Uruk-hai are lined up in, or how many petals are on a certain flower shown in the movie?). We then put in RotK and watched while playing LotR Risk (We were going to play the RotK game, but it seems exceedingly complicated). We never got around to deciding an actual winner.. that game takes forever. But my little brother seemed in the best position to conquer the world.

Today was spent watching more movies, and puppy-sitting. You would think the puppies would get tired of wrestling with each other eventually... They’re so cute though. *snicker* Here’s some puppy pictures...

Firstly, the stockings hung by the fire with care: Mom’s, Andy’s is missing, Becky’s, Xena’s, Chewy’s (I’ve determined it’s spelled with a y), Nikki’s, Alley’s, Steven’s, mine, and Dad’s.

Xena on her back, playing with something.

Xena and Chewy, each with their respective chew bones.

My little brother with Chewy.

Chewy atop his “throne”. He loves laps too.

Xena bothering Chewy.

Still bothering him.