Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Went over to Chris’ again last night. This time, we watched The Crow and Escaflowne, an anime movie. The Crow was good. The anime movie was.. quite cliche, but not terrible. A certain scene in Escaflowne reminded me of a story idea I had. I went looking through my old stuff, trying to find if I’d actually written anything for that story. I found a big list of story ideas. Most, I’ve given up on, or else I never really developed. There’s still a couple stories I would like to work on in the future though.

I’ve begun sorting through the huge pile of paper on my bookshelf - a bunch of writings mostly, and some other random things. I skimmed through a few pages from a couple of my stories. In the words of Mort Rainey, “This is just bad writing.” I might consider redeveloping one of the stories (with some massive changes), but the other, though I put a ton of effort into it, just seems to be lacking plotwise.. it’s a bit overdone, and there’s not much elsewhere I can go with it. I started work on my children’s book again, which I had set aside for ages. That’s nearly finished. Then, I have my dark fantasy novel to work on, plus the other story ideas I’d like to see come into fruition.

And, speaking of stories...

Perse’s Short Story Challenge (grabbed from indigopowder’s journal)

I might participate.. maybe. If I can decide what to write about. There have been a few short story ideas floating around my head, mostly about various characters of mine. And, plus, I’ll have to think of some stories to include in the library I am building, so I could always write some elven folklore.
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