Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Some quotes from my Acting One book by Robert Cohen:

“Since most mental tension comes from thinking about ourselves (and how we might be failing to measure up), thinking about other people helps us to relax and put the world in a better perspective.”

“In general, the more you can focus away from yourself, and can recognize the uniqueness and beauty of the persons around you, and can respond to the world with wonder rather than with irritation and envy, the more you will be in the creative state that will permit you to act deeply, fully, and with spirit.”

I think this class should really help me to be less self-focused and to break out of my own little bubble. It might be a great help to people with social difficulties to take an acting class or some other class to help one lose their inhibitions and break down the walls separating them from other people.

And also, “There is no better place to start learning artistic discipline than in an acting class.” Hooray! Hehe. Now to get myself writing again...
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