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28 January 2005 @ 03:26 am
I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!  
I almost forgot to write about my day! ‘Twas strange... Firstly, my alarm woke me up at about 10:00, which is odd, because I have it set for noon, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t change it. KBPI was playing Dream Theater’s A Change of Seasons, which is also odd, because the only Dream Theater song they play on the radio is Pull Me Under, and ACoS is a 23 minute long song... So, I laid in bed for almost the full 23 minutes listening to it (it had turned on just a few lines into II: Innocence). I actually wasn’t very tired, despite the early awakening for me. After it was over, I went ahead and got up. I took a peek out the window, and noticed that something didn’t feel right. Though, I couldn’t quite place it, so I went ahead and continued with my just-waking-up rituals.

Then I headed downstairs for coffee and my meager breakfast. It seemed that no one was home, although Xena was out, while my mom usually puts her in the laundry room if no one is around and up to watch her. I said hi to the puppy, who was happy to see me, as usual. I was just about to make myself some coffee, when I heard what sounded like Chewy whining. It seemed to be coming from nearby, rather than downstairs. I went to investigate, with Xena at my heels. As it turns out, Chewy was standing at the door in the laundry room leading out to the garage. The door was kept open, and Chewy was peering out into the garage beyond. I asked him what was wrong, and he turned to me and, to my surprise, said in a little baby voice, “There’s something scary out there.” I blinked.. dumbfounded. Did he just.. say something? (What is it with talking pugs?)

Xena mustered up the courage to go and have a look, while I just stared at Chewy, who was looking at me with his innocently confused gaze. Xena caught sight (or maybe smell) of something, and woofed, backing away slightly. I gathered myself and stepped forward to see just what was worrying the puppies.

Wow.. suddenly very sleepy... Must be the necromancers and their damn spells... Bloody. Will write more later if not sacrificed in some horrid ritual to the gods of death...