Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Hm.. a part of me just doesn’t want to extend myself beyond my own little shell, doesn’t want to get to know people, doesn’t want to do the things that “normal” people do. But then I wonder why I feel lonely, why I have no friends, why I feel so separate from other people...

In acting class today, I realized how uncomfortable I am talking and being vocal around other people. We were practicing voice in class, and we were doing a bunch of silly exercises. I just.. didn’t want to speak up. I was worried about other people hearing me, even though we all were doing the same things. In church, when we would say prayers together, I would never say them. Sometimes I’d mouth the words, but I never liked talking or singing outloud. I just keep so quiet... Meh. And, the careers I’m most interested in now are an actress or a singer... I need to get over this fear, or else.. it’s just not going to work. If I can’t get myself to speak up around my group of ten classmates, I doubt I’ll be able to sing out the lyrics to an epic song before a huge crowd of people.
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