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I've come to realize that I am completely not used to hostility... I suppose I haven't experienced it often. I'm not exactly the type of person to provoke someone else. And even when hostility is directed towards another, I am uncomfortable and almost personally hurt by it. So when I do experience it, I suppose it can come as sort of a shock. I'm an emotional person, and I tend to dwell on things excessively. I take in every little thing and run it through my head over and over, until I am finally content with leaving it be.

So, while I suppose such a thing could be easily forgotten by another person, I have to live with the scrutiny of my own thoughts. One person, who I don't even know, and who certainly doesn't know me, left a comment in my livejournal about the quiz I had made, which was less than pleasant, and outright insulting. I deleted it, but that doesn't seem to help with clearing it from my mind. Some people simply don't have a clue... So why do their words hurt so much?

"You don't see me at all..."
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