Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Finally Free

Okay, I went through all of my characters (except a couple, cause I forgot their passwords) and cleaned out all of their extra stuff. Hopefully that clears up some space for Moeve and Terloch, hehe. Now all that’s left is giving away the rest of the interesting stuff that Aleksey has, and then I am done. For good. Out of curiosity, I checked to see how much time I had spent on each of my characters. Altogether, I’ve spent over 9000 hours on Feudal Realms, over the course of five years. Wow.. that is alot of time on the game. Maybe Terloch and.. I don’t even know if anyone else has spent that much time on there. Mercatox maybe. It was pretty much my life for awhile though.

I went looking to see how long it had been since I logged on Dionae. I don’t think I’ve played her since August. That seems like such a long time ago now... I’m not sure when I last really played Aleksey. The war with Tattingham had some rp, but the ooc crap that was going on just made it frustrating and pointless. There have been a few moments of rp with FL, but I’ve mostly just been idling by, looking for runeshards or crafting or whatnot. Really, what’s the point of spending my nights doing that? I might as well move on to something productive. Think I’m ready for the real world yet?

I can at least work on my own worlds, where I have control over what my characters do and how they interact, and I don’t have to worry about stupid people coming and ruining it for me. And that in turn would be a step towards making a living in the real world, rather than pining away on an online rpg, where stories are destined to be forgotten and to remain unshared by any save those closely involved. I have stories to tell, and a life to live... A pity I didn’t figure this out earlier, hm? But yeah, it really is freeing to finally leave FR behind. I have been so bound to it. But now.. I am not. Strange, isn’t it? *snicker*
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