Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We saw The Last Samurai. It was pretty good. But, bloody, why does my favorite character always have to die!? Seeing the samurai fighting reminded me of Aleksey. And the bows and arrows... Does anyone else see similarities between samurai and elves? Hm.. it makes me want to learn archery.. on horseback... Although, instead of kicking arse with katanas (or whichever their swords are called) I would use scimitars. Pretty elvish ones. Yes.

On a somewhat (though not really) related tangent, Tom Cruise’s cousin, William Mapother, is very funny. No, I haven’t met him, but I have read his posts on the Lost forums. For playing such an evil character, he has quite a sense of humor.

Also, this Wednesday on abc at 7pm mountain time, there is a special about Lost. It should help to get people caught up on the characters’ backstories and what has happened on the island so far. So, if you haven’t seen many (or any) episodes of Lost, you should check it out. Cause Lost rocks! Who can resist a creepy island with a tree-shaking monster in the jungle, and baby-kidnapping Others, and strange whispers, and cursed numbers, and a weird underground hatch thing, and a crazy French woman, and shady fellow castaways, and bunches of mysteriousness..ness?
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