Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Yet another reason why high school sucks...

Apparently, my sister is one PE credit short of graduating. We found this out about two weeks ago. And the only reason we found out is because my mom went in to request a copy of her transcript and noticed the PE credit was missing. Now, marching band, which my sister has participated in for the past four years, is supposed to be able to count as a PE credit, because marching around a field all day constitutes physical activity. However, you’re required to fill out a waiver to get that credit transferred from a regular elective credit to PE. Now, we thought that this was all being taken care of, since no one told my sister how or where to get the waiver form, and her counselor never mentioned her needing a PE credit when she signed up for classes for the spring semester. But now we’re being told that she needed to have the form turned in this past fall in order for marching band to count as her PE credit, and since that didn’t happen, that she needs to take a PE course. When my mom asked about getting the waiver filled out now, they told her it was already too late.

So.. even though my sister has 29 out of a necessary 22 credits, and has a 4.0 gpa, and technically has taken a class that counts as a PE credit, she can’t get her diploma because she didn’t fill out a waiver form, and so they won’t transfer the credit over. So now she’s supposed to take a PE class.. even though she’s already taken a class that should count. Feh. My mom was already pissed off about the fact that my sister didn’t get valedictorian, even though kids with a lower gpa did, because of the way they pick valedictorians (the other kids took more AP/Honors classes, though their grade in the class apparently didn’t matter). So now, considering what we went through with me, and then this with my sister, my mom is seriously thinking of sending my little brother to another school. This is just stupid. My sister technically has all she needs to graduate, they just won’t make it official, because “it’s too late”. And no one even told her what she needed to do before it was too late. Gah. People are stupid.

They weren’t at all adaptive for me either. Here is why I dropped out of high school... Part of it was my attitude, I’ll admit. Not my attitude toward teachers or administration or anything, just my attitude toward school in general. I thought it was stupid and pointless. I didn’t see why I was bothering to learn calculus, when I would never use it irl. I felt like the whole point of school was just to fill in the little boxes you needed to fill in. I felt like homework was just busy work. I wasn’t really learning anything I was interested in except for French, and I enjoyed my music class. But other than that, I felt like it was just a waste of time. At this time, I was probably my most depressed. Social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder complicated things as well. I would stay up later than I should, and I found it hard to get up in the morning. I was so set in my routine of getting ready (and still am) that it would take me a long time to finish everything and get to school. I was late often. Sometimes I would skip first block entirely. Particularly during my sophomore year, my first block teacher made it hard for me. It wasn’t as bad my junior year, but I was still late every day. I wouldn’t do homework, or would turn it in late. Some teachers just weren’t understanding, and my grades were dropping. I then grew to simply not wanting to go to school. What was the point if it was only making me more depressed, and it wasn’t helping me to learn? I could learn what I wanted to learn on my own. So I stopped caring about my grades and everything, and just said fuck it.

My mom still wanted to see if I could get my high school diploma. I had done tons of my own work, my writing and artwork and so forth. I was smart. I should be able to get credit for what I had done. But the school had their requirements, and at the time didn’t have an autonomous learning program. My mom tried to apply for a 504 plan for me because of my mental issues, but they said I had to actually be at the school in order to qualify and get credit (which we’ve now learned is bs). They did crap for me, and just shooed me off so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Fine, I thought. It’s not like I needed a high school diploma to tell me how smart I was anyway. It wasn’t required for the careers I was interested in, so I’d just do my own thing. And, we’ve later discovered, talking to some other people, that the school was totally negligent, that they did have to make adaptations for special students. I obviously wasn’t a discipline issue. I was an intelligent girl who had some problems fitting into the regular school structure. And now the school has an autonomous learning program that would have helped me immensely. So, we’ve been working with someone else to try and get me credit for the things I have done, and to take some tests and other classes to make up for what I still need. So, yeah, thanks for nothing Dakota Ridge High School. Leave no child behind indeed.
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