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Well, I was right. Alex is a girl. And now my fantasies are compounded... Until I actually see her on screen, I will be dreaming of playing her.. and maybe even after the fact! *snicker* Heck, I don’t even know if she’s still alive! Although, with Lost, it’s doubtful their little mysteries won’t ultimately have an interesting payoff. Everything means something on this show, and usually ends up popping up later. And so I cannot help but fantasize about somehow being discovered and ending up on the tv show which has captivated me more than any other. Think I could pass for a 16 year old French girl who’s likely spent her life cloistered up somewhere by not-so-nice people? Think I would actually have the guts to fly out somewhere for an audition and, should I actually make it, spend a good amount of time living on my own in Hawaii.. with the pressure and the high-profileness? Working with strangers, albeit famous strangers, every day? I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. *snicker* Bah, I’m silly. But, oh, how I dream...
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