Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, I had my first “accident” today. I’m not really sure you could even call it a fender-bender, since there wasn’t any damage. It begins thusly...

It was pouring rain out. The lady in the minivan in front of me put her brakes on. I step on the brakes too, and then I realize that she is stopping alot quicker than I had anticipated, and her back end is getting close to me rather quickly. I then step hard on the brakes, and slam on them as I keep getting closer. I end up skidding into her back bumper. It didn’t hit that hard; I probably just needed a few more inches of stopping space. The rain, I’m sure, contributed to things.

But, I think, “Oh, crap.” She pulls off into the turn lane, and I follow her. She puts on her warning lights, and so I do the same and turn off the engine. I see her getting out of the car, so I do too. I take a peek at the two cars to see if they’re damaged. The both of us aren’t really sure what to do at first. She says it’s her first accident, and it’s mine too. She’s thinking we should call 911. I’m not sure if we need to report it or not since it was just a little bump, and I suggest I just leave her my name and address and stuff. She said that her sister I think let someone go before and then something happened. She’s very pregnant also, and is worried about that, since she’s had contractions coming a few days ago. Then, at this point, she suggests we move off the main road so we’re not in the way. So, we get in our cars, and turn onto a side street and park.

We both step outside again and try to figure out what to do. It’s still raining pretty hard, and she says we might as well get out of the rain, and she’s going to call her mom. So, we both go back in our cars. I then call my mom, who was dropping off my little brother at hockey practice (see, this is where cell phones come in handy). I explain that I’m fine and it was just a bump, and then attempt to give directions to our location. I remember talking to pregnant lady again, and her saying that yes it was illegal to leave the scene of an accident - I think this was after she called her mom, or after she called 911 maybe? But, soon thereafter, an ambulance and fire truck show up, and also both of our parents (I don’t remember what order that occurred in exactly, though my mom wasn’t there when the fire truck and ambulance first arrived). Well, they get some information from me and verify that I’m not hurt, and then I explain everything to my mom once she arrives. Then, we see them getting pregnant lady to lay down on the stretcher to go in the ambulance. Pregnant lady seemed fine outwardly, so she probably just wanted to go to the hospital to make sure that nothing got disrupted baby-wise. Oh yes, there were two other kids in the minivan too, hers I’m assuming?, but they were fine, so they stayed there with grandpa. Grandma left at some point.. I’m not sure if she went with pregnant lady in the ambulance or what.

Well, they said that the police should be coming by soon, so we just hung out for awhile. My mom called my sister, who tried to get ahold of my dad, though he was already on his way home from work by then. Then my mom called my brother to see if he could pick up my little brother from hockey practice when he was done, as we could be sitting there waiting for awhile. And, we did indeed end up sitting and waiting for quite awhile. Mom talked with grandpa for a bit, and after about an hour had passed, he decided to get the two little kids home. He left the insurance info with mom and moved the carseat and kiddie stuff from the minivan into his car, and then headed off, soon to return. My dad arrived in the meantime, having been informed by my sister of our situation when he got home. When he heard “accident”, he was at least expecting some crumpled fenders, hehe. But dad got explained everything that had happened. And then, by now little brother had finished hockey practice, and so big brother and big brother’s girlfriend arrived with little brother in tow. And more explaining and conversing ensued.

When grandpa got back, it looked like we were having a party over here or something, with six cars all lining the street. But still no sign of the police yet. More thumb-twiddling, whee. Both brothers and girlfriend left then to take little brother home and continue on their merry way. After it had been a good hour and a half since the accident happened, grandpa decides to call and see if police are in fact on their way, etc. Apparently they couldn’t decide which department to send, but that got cleared up and police arrived soon thereafter. And then, more explaining. The one officer said something along the lines of, “Whoa, that’s a big negative,” when surveying the vehicles for any damage. You wouldn’t have guessed we had collided from the looks of things. There were maybe a few scratches on the bumper. Silly that such a big deal had to be made of things, but eh.. it could have been worse. Everyone involved was pretty nice about everything.

Anyway, they were required to file a report since someone got taken to the hospital, and I ended up getting a citation for careless driving, although that could get argued down. We shall see how things turn out, I suppose. But now I think I will be sure to give myself plenty of stopping space behind someone, especially in bad weather. Just think, this could prevent a worse accident in the future! Always look on the bright side of things, yes?
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