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On a plus side, we got the new Dream Theater album today.

The Root of All Evil: This song reminds me of Sathiel! (As if he didn’t have enough songs already...) Another addition to the The Glass Prison, This Dying Soul theme.

The Answer Lies Within: Why do I get the feeling that I’ve heard this song before? I can’t imagine where... Very lovely though. “And try to give” - I literally went “Ooh..” at that note, hehe.

These Walls: I like muchly.

I Walk Beside You: A nice song with a positive ring to it.

Panic Attack: Heavier, more like the crazy Scenes from a Memory/Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence songs.

Never Enough: This reminds me of.. something.

Sacrificed Sons: I heart James LaBrie’s voice.

Octavarium: They’ve managed to write a song that’s longer than A Change of Seasons! 24 minutes! (Well, I guess Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence technically counts as one song, but it’s spread over multiple tracks). That theme you can hear at the ending.. I really think I’ve heard it before...
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