Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Alright, more to update on. Firstly, it seems that Andy and Nikki have broken up. They had not been getting along well of late, so it’s not too surprising. Also, Nikki went ahead and took Harrison to the Denver Dumb Friend’s League, since the puppy was just going to get too big for us to keep. It’s too bad, but I knew that keeping him wasn’t going to be very likely. However, Nikki is going out of town for a few days, and so Chewy is staying here until she gets back, since her aunt apparently doesn’t want to keep Chewy there. So, we will have two puppies in the house for a little while longer. And a cat, too. Alley is seeming more affectionate now. At times, anyway. She’ll rub up against me and let me pet her. :) I just lurve cute, furry animals, hehe. I’m going to have so many pets in the future...

And now, in hockey news... Yes, that’s right.. hockey! I have been deprived for so long! Unfortunately, despite the good news that hockey is back, there is sad news as well. Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote have both signed with other teams. :( Now Joe Sakic is the only player remaining from when they moved from Quebec ten years ago. It’s good that Peter Forsberg is playing in the NHL at least, since there were rumors that he was going to retire. So we will still get to see him play, although not nearly as much. *pout* And, we have signed Pierre Turgeon and Patrice Brisebois, and Alex Tanguay and I think Milan Hejduk are returning to the team, so we do still have a good amount of talent. It does seem weird though to say goodbye to old faces, but such is life in sports I suppose.

Also, Blind Guardian gets a new drummer, and a newly designed website. And a dvd.. I must get their dvd... I wonder if they will be touring the US after their new album comes out. I’d love to see them in concert.

Hm.. I can’t remember if I had anything else I wanted to update on, so that is all for now, I suppose. I still have so much I need/want to do though... Oh, I should post some more pictures sometime, before they are no longer recent. And I think there are a couple more posts I wanted to make too... I really need to make a list of things as I think of them, before they get lost among the vast amount of thoughts running through my head. *snicker*
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