Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, we’ve learned alot more about Nikki recently... And it seems she’d been lying to Andy about various things the whole time they were together. And it seems she’d been seeing another guy for the past three months. Andy is none too pleased. Also, her “baby-sitting” job actually involved poledancing half-naked. Andy apparently knew about this though. But, she was earning a good amount of money each night, though instead of using the money towards rent, she spent it on puppy toys and little outfits for Chewy. And she repeatedly told Andy that her dad would be sending them a check for rent money, although her dad didn’t have the money to send. And if Andy had known the money wasn’t actually coming, then he might have tried to find another job, instead of focusing on the band and gigs. Wait, there’s more! Nikki had been forging Andy’s signature on checks. And my mom kept wondering why they were constantly in need of money.

But here is something that really made me go wtf... I had mentioned in this entry Nikki’s pet pug Milo, which she had given away, hence why Andy decided to buy her Chewy. Well, it seems that Milo never existed. She had just made that whole story up to get Andy to buy her a dog. We found this out, as well as a few other things, via her aunt. And that explains why her aunt wasn’t willing to have Harrison or Chewy over there, since they hadn’t had a dog over there to begin with. But, wtf.. Nikki makes up that whole story just to get sympathy? Can you even trust anything she’s said now? Ah, the girlfriends my brother manages to find...

And Nikki still hasn’t come to pick up Chewy. Andy tried calling her a few times, and those conversations didn’t go very well. Neither of them really want to see each other again. At this point, I’m not sure if she is going come get him at all. I wouldn’t mind keeping Chewy, though whether my mom would is another question. The puppies have been getting along well enough. And Chewy always gets so excited to see us, it’s cute, hehe. But, we will see what happens, I suppose.
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