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My room...

The Hidden Tower Retreat [Room 1231]
Carved black marble stairs lead upwards through the hollow stone
passageways to this secluded refuge. Upon first glance, the room appears
vacant, a chilling sense of emptiness permeating the air. Light streams in
from a window set into the eastern wall, softly illuminating the otherwise
somber setting. Nearby sits a desk and chair of intricately carved ebony,
upon it several books and tomes which look to have not been touched in ages.
Likewise rests a bookcase upon the far wall, its contents so ancient, it
would seem as though the parchments would crumble in one's hands. To the
west lies a plush purple velvet couch, and a canopy bed visible beyond a
sheer silk curtain. This seems the only area frequented by the chatelaine,
though it too possesses an inner sense of sadness. Far north lies the
entrance to a secret chamber, left carelessly ajar. This is by far the
greatest curiousity, as the light from several thick candles is visible,
casting the hidden room aglow with an ethereal warmth. Straining hard, one
might catch a glimpse of what appears to be a coffin... Curiouser and

The soft scent of jasmine mixed with sweet incense wafts through the air.
A strange, yet captivating melody can be heard, its source unknown.

[Exits: none]
A plush purple velvet couch rests against the western wall.

(look secret)

Peering beyond the doorway of this secret chamber, one can see the
flickering light of several candles, lining the floor and walls of the
entire room, carved into the stone of the secluded tower. Perched upon a
black marble pedestal, surrounded by candles in an almost ritualistic
manner, lies a dark ebony casket, its lid sealed shut. Carved carefully
into its surface is a single word: Dominion. It seems that whatever soul
once roamed these tower passageways with the chatelaine now rests within,
the cold coffin its eternal lair.

My pet...

This sleek, deadly beast stares at you with piercing violet eyes. It moves
with calculated grace and a lethal precision. The distinguishing feature
of this fierce cat is its jet black coat, streaked with striped markings of
a dark purple shade. Quite peculiar indeed... Though considering the
length of its claws and the mischievous whims of its owner, this strange
characteristic may be the least of your concerns. The cat purrs deeply and
gives what might be considered a slight grin. It patiently waits for its
mistress' next command.
A black tiger is in excellent condition.

You peek at the inventory:

And me...

Drifting about with considerable grace, this slender form moves as though
one with the wind itself. A quick glance up from beneath her dark black
hood reveals striking violet eyes, contrasting sharply with her fair skin
and tumbling black locks. A bewitching grin slowly plays upon the young
woman's face, and she peers about mischievously. Throwing back the hood
of her cloak, a pair of slightly pointed ears are revealed, marking this
enchantress as a half-elf. One wonders why a Miza'har would choose to take
such a form, though, like many Ancients, she seems full of secrets. With
a flick of her wrist, she conjures up magics unimaginable, then turns to
gaze at you. This is the fallen angel known as Dionae.
Dionae is in excellent condition.

Dionae is using:
{worn on head} a small obsidian circlet in the shape of a halo
{worn on face} the face of a fallen angel
{worn around neck} a small amethyst ring on a black leather cord
{over the shoulder} a black leather bag of stuff
{worn on shoulders} a pair of feathery black angel wings
{worn about body} a long black full cloak with a hood
{worn on torso} a low-cut, clinging dress of purple velvet
{worn on arms} a pair of long black velvet sleeves
{worn on hands} a pair of black elbow-length leather gloves
{left-hand wield} (Humming) a thin, tarnished silver dagger
{held} a tiny musicbox of black and purple crystal
{worn about waist} a loose purple silk sash
{worn as a sheath} a black leather sheath strapped to her thigh
{worn on legs} a pair of tight black leather leggings
{worn on feet} a pair of high-heeled black leather boots
{floating nearby} (Humming) a castle in the air
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