Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We got Lost on dvd today. :) It actually came out a couple weeks ago, but my mom was reluctant to get it at first. But, I’ve already watched all the special features, teehee. And now I want to get the Lost companion book, and the Lost magazine, and the Lost calendar... So much Lost stuff.. must have! Squee! I’m such a Lost fangirl, hehe. This is really the only show I’ve gone this crazy over. The season premiere is this Wednesday. Can’t wait! :)

Oh, and I got some pictures taken today too. The husband of the lady from my acting class whose kids I was giving violin lessons for* does photography. And he can print out photos - real, quality photos - from his printer. Our family needs to get technologically updated. *snicker* But the pictures came out really well. My favorite is in black and white, which I might use as a headshot. I’ll try and get the pictures scanned and uploaded when I can.

*Oh, and I forgot to update on that. I taught a couple lessons, or tried to anyway. They did already find another instructor though, and he’s actually a professional, so he can probably teach them alot better than I can. So, I’ll leave the kiddies to him, hehe. I think I might actually want to get my own private instructor again too, just to improve my playing. And maybe a singing instructor too if I ever want to really start a band... Hm, so much I want to do...
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